(Baseball cap Cream (Summer

Baseball cap cream (summer) type of fabric used in this hat is made of cotton Vnqab long sunny days a year Vdvqsmt right side of the helmet (Turkish side) Bkhatrhrkt Bhtrhvaaztvry that use less heat on warm days Srhs Shvdmnasb Afradkhvsh Armored great sex, good tailoring, style, good form this cap are Azdygrkhsvsyat
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Manufacturer: Qasemi Hat Shop
250,000 ریال

Baseball cap Cream (summer)                                                                            This model of hat because that part is prepared on a six-piece Srqrarmygyrd Shvdbh       (name six left) labeled by gender Excellent, perfect tailoring, style, form another feature of this helmet are welcome                 

Products specifications
Type of fabric Cottony
Property Fashionable
Branded Nike
Branded Adidas
Branded آدیداس
Color Cream
Size نقاب 9 سانتیمتر
Property تابستانی
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