Production of Ghasemi hats

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Flat cap

Flat cap The fabric of this model is made of cotton hat, which is made of cotton shirt fabric for air circulation inside the hat. It feels a little warm in the summer air. Stylish and suitable for well-dressed people.
1,800,000 ریال

Flat cap(denim)

Flat cap(denim) The fabric of this model is denim (Lee) hat. Astraklah is a shirt (cotton) fabric that feels a little warm for summer.
1,800,000 ریال

Flat cap(Summer)

Flat cap cloth hat This model of hat is made of polyester + cotton. For the lining of the hat, a shirt (cotton) fabric is used to feel a little warm in summer weather. It is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people. is
1,600,000 ریال

(newsboycap(peaky blinders

newsboycap(peaky blinders)With a high percentage of cotton in the upper and in the lining, this newsboy cap from has skin-friendly properties and provides good moisture absorption if the head starts to sweat. Coated fabric enhances the quality further, making the flat cap water-repellent. So it is unfazed by rain showers and does not lose any of the beauty of its plain-coloured, patterned
3,000,000 ریال

flat cap brown(wool)

flat cap brown(wool) the fabric used in this hat is the product of Fastoni Jajeh factory with a combination of 45% wool and 65% Troyra yarn. It is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people. Excellent material, suitable sewing, lightness, good shape are other features of this hat
2,500,000 ریال