Flat cap(Summer)

Flat cap cloth hat This model of hat is made of polyester + cotton. For the lining of the hat, a shirt (cotton) fabric is used to feel a little warm in summer weather. It is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people. is
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1,600,000 ریال

Flat cap very stylish and well-sewn and well-shaped This hat can be used for all seasons and the appearance of this hat is in a form that can be used in all places on the radar

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Type of fabricپلیستر-پنبه(کتان)
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Cap Flat (Summer)

Cap Flat (Summer) Polyester + cotton fabric Azklah model is used for air circulation inside the helmet in its sewing Aztvry Tadrhvay summer feel a little heat to be fashionable, convenient, well-dressed people Great sex, good tailoring, style, form another feature of these hats are welcome
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Flat cap (Summer)

Flat cap(Summer) the fabric of this model is made of cotton (linen) hat to feel a little warm in summer weather, stylish and suitable for well-dressed people Excellent material, suitable stitching, lightness, good shape are other features of this hat
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Baseball cap cap made of cotton fabric is used in the Vnqab long sunny days is suitable for those stylish and well-dressed Good sex, good tailoring, style, form another feature of this helmet are welcome
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