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cap girl summer

cap girl summer The material of this cotton hat is as thin as a shirt, suitable for very light summer sun It is a good protection for the skin of the face and because of having a scarf behind the head and against the sunlight This hat model is separated into three parts, as shown in the photos, the cover part on the head is separated from the hat mask with a zipper. The hat scarf can be attached or detached with two buttons on the hat A label is used on the back of the hat to better adjust the size of the hat
4,000,000 ریال

(Baseball cap(summer

Baseball cap (summer) The type of fabric used in this cap is a combination of cotton and polyester that can be used with the back strap of the cap, size 56 to 60 and the mask that is suitable for this shape of the cap, is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people. . Lightweight and well-shaped is another feature of this hat - made in China
3,000,000 ریال