straw hat

straw hat The cap Azhsyrkh sex Plystrast produced cotton Cap size 11 cm Sayzklah 58 is the cap for the long-term malls mountaineering tourism Mix style long edges to prevent light Byshtraztabsh Khvrshydbrsvrt the Bashdd
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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straw hat
This hat is made of rattan and to prevent sweating constantly and keep cool indoor hat cap is used in the production of rattan special

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Type of fabricPolyester
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Patrol cap(Winter)This Fetter model fabric (cloth coat) is Very well-formed and beautiful. Lightweight and durable stitching Unlike the Chinese hats cloth hat, but the thickness of Khvdparchh is not Baabrzkhym For autumn and winter
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Baseball cap (summer) The type of fabric used in this cap is a combination of cotton and polyester that can be used with the back strap of the cap, size 56 to 60 and the mask that is suitable for this shape of the cap, is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people. . Lightweight and well-shaped is another feature of this hat - made in China
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کلاه کوهنوردی جنس پارچه این کلاه ازجنس نخ پنبه(کتان) است که ضخامت پارچه این مدل کلاه مابین ضخامت پارچه کتان شلواری و پیراهن است اندازه نقاب کلاه 8 سانتیمتراست که از تابش آفتاب به صورت و پشت سر جلوگیری می کنداین کلاه قابل شستشو وبخاطرکیغیت بالا این کلاه قابل استفاده در چند سال متوالی است مخصوص روزهای آفتابی شدید
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Cuban cap hat (Jane) this hat made of cotton fabrics (denim) is a plaid shirt and mask Vbaastry Tetron short that suits the shape and fit Azklah chic, well-dressed people Good sex, good tailoring, style, form another feature of this helmet are welcome
3,500,000 ریال

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(Caps climbing (Bone cream This hat is made of cotton fabric size 8 cm in size caps and scarves that connects the cap with zip neck, shoulders Taazpsht Mhafzt against sun radiation. This helmet for climbing and hiking long-term tourism Lightweight and long edges to prevent further sun exposure on the face
3,500,000 ریال

straw hat

straw hat This hat is made Azhsyr mask size 14 cm in the cap for long-term tourism Mountaineering and Hiking Lightweight and long edges to prevent further sun exposure on the face
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